The Haunting New Chipotle Ad & What it Means for Animals

Chipotle Mexican Grill launched a new ad promoting better food, with integrity, and "naturally" raised animals. (Watch it below)

It's a haunting look into the suffering that animals live through every single day behind closed doors (the scene with the cow is so sad). I appreciate the effort of a big chain like Chipotle to take these steps in the right direction, especially because they have so many vegan options, and their food is delicious. 

However, it's very hard to dismiss that they still serve meat and dairy, and are realistically still causing animals suffering. Organic or not, chickens, cows, and pigs are still being used, exploited, and painfully slaughtered.

While it's a good sign that people are becoming more conscience of where their food comes from, this type of "happy" animal smoke screen will falsely give people the impression that eating meat and dairy can be done "humanely".... which does not exist because there is no way to humanely exploit and murder someone for profit.

They have definitely started setting themselves a part from other fast food chains, but I look forward to the day when people, especially big business, can take that awareness to the next level and phase out animal use all together.

What do you think about their new ad?

"Eat Kind Be Strong" - AMC

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