How to Eat Vegan at Panago Pizza + Honest Review

How to Eat Vegan at Panago Pizza + Honest Review

I love making pizza, that’s always delish, but sometimes a pizza delivery or pick-up is perfect after a long day! A little Netflix & vegan pizza on a rest night from TaeKwonDo is all good with me!

Normally, my vegan options at a mainstream restaurant have been really limited, with the only option usually being a cheeseless veggie pizza. That is, if the dough is even vegan! Seriously, what’s up with pizza joints having dough that’s not even vegan?

Ok, so I’ve heard good things about Panago Pizza, so when they asked me to try out their vegan options, I was happy to lend my taste buds because, well, vegan pizza guys!

So, What’s Vegan at Panago Pizza?

The dough is the first thing I check out before even considering the toppings. Is it even vegan? I was glad to see that not only is their Original crust vegan, but Panago Pizza converted all of their crusts to 100% vegan-friendly last year! (Original Hand-tossed, Italian Thin Crust, Multigrain Crust, Multigrain Thin Crust, and Gluten-smart)

I’m not gluten-free, but most GF crusts I’ve seen have egg in them, so this is good news for my GF vegan pals :)

I tried the Original Hand-Tossed and Multi-Grain Crusts, and both were really good, great flavour. Crust can really make or break a good pizza, even if the toppings are good!

Another Cheeseless Vegan Pizza?

Nope, Panago Pizza has a vegan cheese option! You can get dairy‐free Daiya on any of their pizzas and get that full-on pizza experience. They were super generous with the cheese on my pizzas, so next time, I’ll ask for ‘easy on the cheese’, but I think it’s great that there’s even a vegan cheese option.

Meat-Free Pepperoni!

This is definitely a topping that sets them apart from the mainstream competition imo. Meat-free pepperoni... and ya, it’s vegan! Meat alternatives are an awesome way to show people you don’t need animals to get this flavour or texture!

I like that Panago makes knowing what’s vegan easy, the staff is knowledgeable about what’s vegan or not, and they don’t shy away from promoting their vegan options to their customers.

That makes the experience of dining at a non-veg restaurant much better, especially when you’re out with your non-veg friends and family. 

Here’s a quick look at their vegan-friendly menu options:

Vegan Pizza + Mainstream Convenience = Awesome!

Vegan options going mainstream introduces the possibilities to non-vegans, and to people who might not of even realized that there are vegan alternatives available. It also shows that the demand for vegan options is on the rise. The vegan community is steadily growing, and it’s good to see non-veg businesses paying attention to what the people want!

That’s how you plant seeds, one vegan pizza at a time! 

I hope this was helpful in your quest for convenient, yummy vegan pizza.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, or what you thought if you’ve tried Panago Pizza’s vegan options too. I love to hearing from you guys! XO

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Note: I partnered with Panago Pizza to try out their vegan pizza, and share their vegan-friendly options with you. The opinions and thoughts I’ve expressed are 100% mine, honest and genuine, always! My vegan lifestyle blogs come from my point of view, without compromise.


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