10 Reasons I Love Being Vegan

1. The Great Feeling of Knowing That My Actions Match My Morals.

I’ve always been an animal lover, but didn’t make the true connections until I learned the truth about where my food came from. It was then I realized that I was supporting something that was abusing and exploiting innocent animals, and I didn’t want any part of it. Now that I’m vegan, I am always looking to learn more and enjoy living a compassionate lifestyle. It’s a very rewarding journey.

2. Better Athletic Performance and Recovery.

I’ve been a competitive athlete since I was 9 years old. So, I know a lot about training, performance, and competition. I was always searching for the perfect energy boosting pre-game/competition meal, and it wasn’t until I became vegan that I finally found the foods that give me tons of energy! I also recover much faster, and have found that I keep my muscle tone easier now. I feel lighter while still keeping my strength. (My perfect performance meals, by the way, consist of simple beans and greens combos).

3. Rarely Get Sick!

I haven’t been sick in almost 3 years! Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself, but I’m pretty sure that when I do get a cold, I’ll kick it’s ass pretty quickly 😛

4. Busting the Myths and Misconceptions of Veganism.

Some people still believe that you need to eat meat to build muscle or strength. Or that being vegan makes you weak and fatigued. That is a huge misconception, and completely false! I have more energy and focus than ever before. I also don’t consume caffeine to get me through the day… I just don’t need it. Besides all that, I’ve got a 6 pack and years of competitive sports under my belt to prove that being vegan is not only healthier and nutritionally complete, but also great for athletes!

5. No More Unhealthy Hormones and Antibiotics in My Food

Meat and dairy products are full of growth hormones and antibiotics. The growth hormones make animals grow faster and bigger because of production demands. Animals are then given food with antibiotics because they live in unnatural, unsanitary conditions and are sickly. When we eat meat and dairy, we also ingest those hormones and antibiotics! No thanks! Since going vegan, I feel so much more balanced. This is something you won’t necessarily notice until you go vegan, then you will feel the difference!

6. Being a Part of The Awesome Veggie Community.

So many inspiring people are in the community! I have met lots great people online and in person that I would have never met otherwise. So many compassionate people supporting each other, and sharing ideas and advice. Very cool.

7. No More Gross Meat Germs to Clean Off My Kitchen Counter.

Meat is a nasty source of disgusting germs. I’m happy to never have to fiercely clean my kitchen counters after preparing chicken ever again!

8. Still Enjoy Comfort Foods and Desserts.

Being vegan doesn’t mean you’re on a strict diet! You can still enjoy comfort foods and junk foods. Oh, and I do! With all the delicious vegan comfort foods and desserts out there, it’s easy to indulge! Although, I’d suggest to keep that as an occasional thing. Vegan or not, junk food is not going to benefit your health or athletic performance in the long run if you make it a daily habit.

9. Rediscovering Food!

Being vegan means you become an expert at reading food labels. I see food so differently now that I avoid animal products. It’s a blessing in disguise! I have learned so much about what’s in our food, and the nutritional value. I also love veganising my favorite foods and playing around with different recipes. Food just tastes better now!

10. A Greater Perspective and Respect for Life.

Living the most compassionate lifestyle I can has made me more spiritually whole and grounded. I have a greater appreciation for the food I eat, the people I love, and the world around me. I realized that this is just happening automatically, and that with time, I become more aware and connected.

Anne-Marie Campbell

Anne-Marie is the Founder of MeatFreeAthlete.com (est. 2012), and is a vegan athlete and animal rights activist. A competitive athlete for over 20 years, she is a former gymnast and hockey player, and is currently a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Anne-Marie went vegan, for the animals, in 2011, and her mission is to help people go (or stay) vegan by sharing her personal journey, and creating this free vegan lifestyle resource.

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