Vegan Athlete – Ivan Blazquez

Name: Ivan Blazquez

Location: Metairie-Louisiana

What is your diet/lifestyle? Nutritarian-Vegan

What attracted you to eating that type of lifestyle? The health benefits. Also, the fitness and life-enrichment benefits. The results I feel everyday make eating this way an absolute no-brainer.

Which sports & activities are your passionate about? I am passionate about health & fitness. Simply training hard and experiencing the favorable physiological adaptations. I also enjoy triathlons, time trial cycling, bodybuilding & physique competition. I also enjoy kettlebell training, boxing training and core training.

What is one of your greatest athletic moments? There have been several that come to mind. But I’d say coming back from a 26-14 deficit in the Fourth quarter to win 34-26 with less than 3-min remaining in the game. This was my 1st game of my senior year in high school. I threw 2 TD passes and the crucial 2-pt conversion to tie it up at 26, before eventually completing a 30 yard pass that led to a 1 yard TD run to take the lead 34-26.

What goal(s) do you currently have, and how do you plan on achieving it?
1. Hit 3% bodyfat (calipers)
2. Win a pro physique show
3. Make more this year than last year
4. Continue to grow in my profession and get more following & clients
5. Continue growing and learning and progressing all-around

What is your favorite fuel before activity? I fuel 30-min or more before activity. So I don’t really have a favorite fuel, b/c my fuel is already been consumed the day before. It’s already in the tank ready to go. I guess if pressed, before a triathlon, I like to have a nice big bowl of oatmeal loaded with fruit, nuts/seeds and some green tea.

What is your favorite food for recovery? Garlic #1. Other than that, simply eating plant-based foods. They naturally enhance recovery. In particular, papaya, turmeric, ginger and dark leafy greens.

What/Who inspires you? My best friend Evan Posey. 100 mile bike rides, staying under 5% body fat year round, 6 hour workouts, working out 4-5 times a day sometimes, new healthy recipe ideas, doing push-ups during commercials, etc. Just the ultimate motivator.

What is a random fact about you that people might not know? I’m more shy than my appearance may reveal.

Describe yourself with the first 3 words that come to mind!: Hard work, dedication, passion.

What advice would you give to an athlete looking to go vegan? Read up on Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s books Eat to Live, End of Dieting, etc. He has helped my tremendously in going Vegan the healthy way. It’s possible to be an unhealthy vegan (cookies, cakes, chips, pasta, rice, potatoes, soft drinks, etc.)

Complete this sentence: I am a Meat Free Athlete because it has changed my life. I am faster, stronger, fitter and my skin even has glow from eating a high anti-oxidant diet. It has opened my eyes so much. It’s incredible how many people do not know of this astonishing life-giving nutrition.

Check out Ivan’s YouTube video, showing how he trains as a vegan bodybuilder.

Thank you Ivan for sharing your journey!

Anne-Marie Campbell

Anne-Marie is the Founder of (est. 2012), and is a vegan athlete and animal rights activist. A competitive athlete for over 20 years, she is a former gymnast and hockey player, and is currently a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Anne-Marie went vegan, for the animals, in 2011, and her mission is to help people go (or stay) vegan by sharing her personal journey, and creating this free vegan lifestyle resource.

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